Submission Guidelines

Conference Theme

Cross-cultural use of language in multimodal forms is a dynamic phenomenon which involves diverse challenges of paramount significance. As traditionally-envisioned scholarly boundaries do not seem to fully serve the changing needs of the past and newly-emerging requirements, the principal aim of this conference is to promote interdisciplinary research activities and collaborations by encouraging prospective participants to move beyond discipline-specific approaches and take advantage of methodological and conceptual frameworks which can help facilitate addressing common problems.

Senior and junior scholars in languages, literature, education, area studies, history, psychology, sociology, translation, intercultural communication, information technology, and other relevant fields in human and social sciences are cordially invited to contribute and participate in this academic event. The conference welcomes research reports on all languages, but abstracts and presentations can be in English or Persian.

LTLTS2-IA welcomes contributions which are inspired by interdisciplinarity and have employed approaches of two or more disciplines and have modified them so that they are best suited to a certain language problem. However, abstracts of research reports which address a problem across one or several of the following thematic areas in relation to language teaching, literature, or translation studies, as the major realms of language use, are prioritized:

  • Entrepreneurship and Employment
  • Hybridity and Migration
  • Localization and Globalization
  • Culture and Society
  • Gender and Identity
  • Media and Narration
  • Religion and Sacred Texts
  • Ideology and Power
  • Agency and Capital
  • Memory and Cognition
  • Criticism and Stylistics
  • Meaning and Semiotics
  • Children and Intergeneration
  • Futures Studies
  • Information Technology

Abstract Submission

We invite proposals for presentation in English or Persian. An abstract can be submitted in 200 to a maximum of 250 words with no citations or references in English or Persian. Submissions should be based on empirical (data-driven) research, qualitative and/or quantitative, and should not have been published elsewhere. Conceptual studies and review papers are not sought. Please, send your proposals both as MS Word (.doc) document including author, affiliation and contact information (MS Word file name: full name of first author + abstract title) [download template here] and as PDF document without any personal information (PDF file name: abstract title) [download sample PDF here]. Abstracts as email attachments should be sent to both and by the deadline.

Full Manuscript (Optional)

Participants interested in publishing the full manuscript of their presentation (Oral or Poster) in the LTLTS2-IA conference proceedings should send the full paper in 3000-4000 words in MS Word (.doc) format to both and by the deadline for review. The full manuscript either in English or Persian should conform to the manuscript template [download here in English].


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